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IKARUS Software GmbH” existed several years before IKARUS anti.virus (formerly IKARUS virus.utilities), the first and best-selling product that made the company internationally known.

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Head Office - 27-28 Super Market 5 Milestone NH-71 Jind 126102, India
Reg.Office - 217, 2nd Floor, Hemkunt Chambers, 89 Nehru Place, New Delhi-110019, INDIA
[email protected]
Support - +1-1888-499-2234
Sales - +1-1888-499-2232

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All SDKs And APIs

IKARUS scan.engine

Powerful algorithm for complex Malware recognition

The IKARUS scan.engine is one of the world’s best carrier grade scan engines and is fully supported and continually developed by IKARUS. It combats all kinds of cyber threats and Malware with a range of defense technologies that work at multiple levels to locate, extract, analyze and eliminate viruses, weak points and exploits in virtually all file-systems, archives, and communication channels. You can integrate IKARUS scan.engine into your existing products, or use it to develop your own security products: the possibilities are endless.

Major advantages

  • Platform independence
  • Flexible data analysis module for diverse communication methods
  • Multi-level heuristics and sandbox analysis techniques
  • Resource optimization → top performance
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IKARUS cmd.scan

Scan your files for infections on any operating system, simple and quick.

Scan your files for infections on any operating system, simple and quick – activate the command line interface, perform a scan on the requested directory and receive the results.

The results can also be processed further if necessary, e.g. automatic delete could be initiated. With the IKARUS cmd.scan you can also create your own Live rescue CDs. The possibilities are endless, there are no limits.

  • Scan folders
  • Set maximum file size (default value: 64 MB)
  • Turn scan of sub-folders on/off
  • Exclude archives from the scan
  • Set maximum scan time for files and archives
  • Create summary of an archive scan
  • Display the program-, engine-, and virus database version information
  • Display additional scan information (signature type, path of the infected data)
  • Deactivate scan for ad- and Spyware
  • Provided updater updates all binaries and databases
  • Control the web server used for updates
  • Possibility to set a proxy for updates
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IKARUS scan.server

A service perfect for web service operators, online platforms and forums: Secure your web services with our Virus-Scan API!

IKARUS scan.server scans all files during upload on your servers and checks them for malicious content with help from the integrated, award-winning IKARUS scan.engine. The service discovers both known and emerging Malware and allows you to make them harmless before they reach your server. You receive the scan results from IKARUS scan.server as an XML file and you can continue processing with all script languages.

  • Scanning of files during upload over web services
  • Protection from Malware of your server environments
  • Excellent detection rates by using the award-winning, integrated IKARUS T3.scan.engine
  • Results are displayed as XML file to the request with following content:
    • VDB version
    • Engine version
    • File name
    • Status: “clean” or infected”
    • Signature name (e.g.: EICAR)
  • Varied usage possibilities due to the unlimited compatibility
  • Regular and automatic updates for protection from the newest threats
  • Compatible with all script languages
  • Provides a Java library for easy usage
  • Flexible and adaptable, integrate it in many applications
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